Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My Interview with Via about the Value of Pure Water

This is my first blog post in a while. I've been meaning to write but back home I didn't find the space and time.

I made a video (click here) on the airplane with a woman named Via and her son. She was born in Costa Rica and has been living in the US for 16 years. We had a discussion about how San Salvador has recently begun to treat the water with chlorine and other chemicals. So within this past year all of the people in the village have gone from drinking pure water to drinking chlorinated water. There's been an attempt in the neighborhood by a fellow ex-pat to try and reverse this as our water comes from a very pure source and need not be treated. The locals have probably been given misinformation and they do not understand how important it is to protect the water. At least that's what I saw when I showed up to the village water board meeting. Very few people showed up, someone said we should reschedule the meeting - people are not coming and they are not interested.

The subject of pure water is dear to my heart and I've been wondering how to help. This woman wanted to speak and I'm posting the video for the local neighborhood. It is in Spanish and the videography is of course terrible but that's not the point.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Angels from an Angel

Ruth Valverde the friend and maid at Finca de Vida sent me this picture.  This picture is so her!!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Blenders for the neighborhood

With the donations I received  from clients and Guests at Finca de Vida last season I bought Anna a sink.  You can see that video by clicking on Anna's sink link.  The donations i had which were very generous i still had just under $200 left over.  I found out that several people I knew did not have working blenders, a very important part of a kitchen here because it makes blended cold drinks.  So i took the opportunity to buy a couple of blenders and gave them to Elliot, who you may remember from having lunch on the way to Peace Falls and to a local family who are very deserving as well. Here are the pictures.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Retreat Inspiration

About sound and using your vocal chords-- How many of us have really let it all out?
I just saw a clip that represents the group support and willingness to commit that is so clear in this video.  I want us all to feel this much support!
 As is the case so often-- the lesson is coming from children.  Wow!
See here:  youtube

 See below/right: "Pages of Interest" for posts on Retreat Development 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Pages of Interest

1.  Costa Rica Rest and Revitalization Retreat

Main Posting - Retreat Info

Retreat Development 1.0

Retreat Inspiration

2.  Community Outreach

Anna's Sink  (Careful, this is a large file) 

Community Outreach in our Local Village

Click below to see a video of our project to buy and install a new sink for our neighbor...
Anna's new sink

Retreat Develpment 1.0

As I am getting the brochure for the retreat ready it is already starting to take shape.  One thing I want to be mindful of is not having a retreat that you need a retreat after.  In other words , many retreats have almost the whole day scheduled and you're tired at the end of it.  To allow each person the opportunity to have adequate rest time the retreat will be in two parts.  The first 3 days will be with open classes, kind of like choosing electives in school.  You can choose which classes you feel are best for you and decide how much down time you want.  Then the second four days we will settle into our commitments so each class can build on the previous class.  
In the brochure, not everything is listed. For practitioners or healing artists who are starting on this path we will obviously have BioDialectic classes each day.  That translates into; not only will you learn and/or deepen your practitioner skills but more importantly we will work on each other and immerse ourselves in the Healing Field generated by attention to Stillness. 
Group inquiry and participation in shaping the retreat will be held on one evening in the first three nights. Since the retreat center only holds 15 people an intimacy within the group will be created through formal group inquiry.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Silent retreats--

A few weeks ago I started going down to the Casita above Peace Falls for a day of silence and fasting.  The "re-set" each time I do this is wonderful. Each time is different, with different things coming up for contemplation.  I also realized that if i do this once a week, that's equal to 52 days of fasting a year.  Even if i don't get it in every week that is still going to be a boon for my health.  I'v always wanted to follow the Ayurvedic advice of fasting one day a week for good health.

I've since offered it to anyone else who wants to try.  It's a great way to dip your toe into being with yourself and a good preparation for any longer silence retreat.  So far, two guests from Finca De Vida have gone down for retreat and each one has had great benefit from it.
Here is a video of Heather who i will likely blog with again. She did her first day staying by herself and in silence.  It may not be like this for everyone but it's wonderful that by offering this little casita in this magical place that 24 hours can be something to remember for a life time.

On the way back up to FDV, we saw this...

 I've never seen a hawk sitting on a cow before and thought it somehow significant of Heather's first time "day of silence" and how opposites can exist in harmony.

Rest and Revitalize Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica

Click here to see my interview with Brian and Jody (the founders of Finca de Vida) about the retreat.

Join me in creating a healing hotspot.  Let's SHINE!
April 1-8 at Finca De Vida in Costa Rica
Each moment is precious.  Gounding ourselves with right alignment inside and out.
Opening to life in the way we all know is possible deep inside.
Each of us should be free to be ourselves totally.  Let's put this to the test together.
All who are willing to take the leap or continue falling, please come and we'll let go together.

Secret's Bio

Secret Fine,  has been teaching Yoga since 2000 and has been a student of Yoga since childhood.  She dedicates her proess to her main teachers Ramanand Patel, Kofi Busia, Juliu Horvath and several leaders in the Somatic healing arts.  With a strong personal practice for the past 30 years she has cultivated an integrated teaching style that has a huge variety ranging from very active to restorative.  Alignment is a major part of her teaching style yet she gives time for Silent reflection.  She has studied Classical North Indian music, Vedanta and has founded her own healing work called Bio Dialectic, a synthises of Biodynamic Cranio-sacral therapy, Yogic energy principles, Thai massage, BMC, and other techniques she has learned from masters of healing.