Sunday, July 26, 2015

Silent retreats--

A few weeks ago I started going down to the Casita above Peace Falls for a day of silence and fasting.  The "re-set" each time I do this is wonderful. Each time is different, with different things coming up for contemplation.  I also realized that if i do this once a week, that's equal to 52 days of fasting a year.  Even if i don't get it in every week that is still going to be a boon for my health.  I'v always wanted to follow the Ayurvedic advice of fasting one day a week for good health.

I've since offered it to anyone else who wants to try.  It's a great way to dip your toe into being with yourself and a good preparation for any longer silence retreat.  So far, two guests from Finca De Vida have gone down for retreat and each one has had great benefit from it.
Here is a video of Heather who i will likely blog with again. She did her first day staying by herself and in silence.  It may not be like this for everyone but it's wonderful that by offering this little casita in this magical place that 24 hours can be something to remember for a life time.

On the way back up to FDV, we saw this...

 I've never seen a hawk sitting on a cow before and thought it somehow significant of Heather's first time "day of silence" and how opposites can exist in harmony.

Rest and Revitalize Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica

Click here to see my interview with Brian and Jody (the founders of Finca de Vida) about the retreat.

Join me in creating a healing hotspot.  Let's SHINE!
April 1-8 at Finca De Vida in Costa Rica
Each moment is precious.  Gounding ourselves with right alignment inside and out.
Opening to life in the way we all know is possible deep inside.
Each of us should be free to be ourselves totally.  Let's put this to the test together.
All who are willing to take the leap or continue falling, please come and we'll let go together.

Secret's Bio

Secret Fine,  has been teaching Yoga since 2000 and has been a student of Yoga since childhood.  She dedicates her proess to her main teachers Ramanand Patel, Kofi Busia, Juliu Horvath and several leaders in the Somatic healing arts.  With a strong personal practice for the past 30 years she has cultivated an integrated teaching style that has a huge variety ranging from very active to restorative.  Alignment is a major part of her teaching style yet she gives time for Silent reflection.  She has studied Classical North Indian music, Vedanta and has founded her own healing work called Bio Dialectic, a synthises of Biodynamic Cranio-sacral therapy, Yogic energy principles, Thai massage, BMC, and other techniques she has learned from masters of healing.